[Unofficial] moonlight-embedded

Hi @smg04, sorry the build @luizkun has done which resolves the black screen is slightly different in that when a stream is launched it tells you which launchscript it is using and you have to press OK. So was just wondering if it could be disabled you see.

script.luna.1.44_modded_2.zip (2.7 MB)
please try it

Hi smg04 , can you work with me to integrate moonlight qt to
coreelec, with moonlight qt i see that there is vsync option, with work very well

It probably couldn’t work because there’s no windowing support in CoreELEC. So you would have to customize Qt for embedded with all amlogic drivers. Otherwise, you could maybe use software rendering but that would not be as efficient or well performing as this version is.

Hi smg04, can we use below package as Qt library for coreelec ?