Unresponsive UR01 remote control

I recently got the Ugoos AM6B plus - the remote is not very responsive. It frequently stops working while going through setting and files.
I have tried connecting via Bluetooth holding the volume up and down, it finds the remote in the coreelec settings but says it is not connected when trying to pair it.
Any advice if i have to do something more specific to get it working or do i just have a bad remote control !

Do you have the antenna that came with the box connected?

No as i have connected the ethernet cable instead of wireless. Are those antennas also used for the remote signal !

Yes the Bluetooth chip also uses those.


Amazing, thanks for your help. This seems to have helped with the responsiveness. Still cant get the remote to pair via Bluetooth. Says “Bluetooth connection failed”

The Bluetooth is not great. Make sure you add the remote.conf to your config folder.

Try tomorrow’s nightly and see if it works better.

Recognised with nightly but connection lost after restart of player

What nightly are you running?