Unstable chinese tvbox cause of nand installation

Need some information here. I like to run coreElec on nand (internal drive). I understand you are not supporting this, but maybe you can give me some information.

In noted there is a nand version of the install .gz file. Is that one the best option to have a fair chance a installtointernal installed box will work?

What I did:
I installed coreElec on a sd, I used a default .gz coreElec version to install it.
Afterwards I used the installtointernal command to get it to nand.
Note, I have no problems running the command, but the result is an unstable coreelec system that suddenly reboots any time possible after kodi started up…

Question 2:
Without giving official support: I noted there is a special nand version for the .gz image available. Is that one needed for a fair chance of a successful installtointernal installation? What is the difference?

Question 3: Most important one:
What is the tvbox brand and model that you could recommend me to have the best chance for a stable working coreElec nand installation?

I use a X96 tvbox s905x (old one)
I know it is chinese crap. Since I used it over a year now, it even start whistling when the red light comes up after shutdown. Terrible. So I thought better asking you first before replacing it…
ps. If you decide not to answer these questions, could you send this please forward my questions to a experienced forum member please?


1/2: There is no special “nand” version.
3: Get a SBC, such as a Le Potato, or wait for the Odroid N2. (you’ll need the emmc module for “internal” installation)

Situation has changed. I’ve got the problem of an unstable, restarting every-time kodi system on the sd card as well now. It seems ,reading other posts at this forum, that updating from a fresh installed coreelec arm tvbox is also not supported and can result in serious issues…

So, a reinstallation is the only option now, having a new box or not.
Is there a way to block updates by default after install the image? There is no button for that? It would be even better do block updates in this distribution if there is no support for it? I tried today to set coreelec updates to “manual” and add-ons updates off, but even when I switch “notify” off, new updates notifications are coming. Anyone that hit’s the “update all” button destroys the stability in the os…

At this site: please give me the right download link for X96 s905x:

There is a 9.1 and 9.0 now, I’m sure I’m the only one, but for me it is a bit confusing…

Sorry, having a hard time understanding what you want.
Why would you want to block updates?
Random restarts are often due to crappy power supplies that these boxes ship with, or because of overheating.
Use the download helper on the CE homepage. But really, there is only a single generic image, hard to go wrong there.

?Did you check the link i’ve sent you?
Can you give me a link foe what you mean?

Well to put it simple, I just want to have a working tv box with your software.
If you can assure my problems do not happen because of updating the software, I stop looking there. Sometimes it seems to work, sometimes it does not.
Maybe you are right, it is the power supply.

You can find the download helper on our main website:

I had a power supply fail, and had the same problem with the box randomly rebooting.

The power supplies on a lot of these boxes suck. I stuck a usb power meter into one of the usb ports. I can see the voltage drop by 0.5v when its doing work like updating the front page. Interestingly enough I bought some 4A powers supplies which were better but there is still a drop under load, I think they aren’t using heavy/wide enough tracks for the power. Interestingly I found even not having the power connector all the way in will cause random reboots. the mecool boxes like the A95x need an extra push.
My x92 which i use with two usb xbox tuners has eaten through 3 PSUs so now I use a 4A and I plug the tuners into a powered hub.

just fyi, i also have an x96 (s905x 1G memory) with CE on internal and LE on sdcard. very stable.

Not necessarily related to weak Powersupplies only, but also to insufficient buffer capacitance on the board (saves some cents during production)…

Can you provide information, i.e. brand/model and where did you buy this device, etc., here so that prospective buyers will avoid?

The devs can’t (shouldn’t), but maybe other users might be able to :wink:

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thanks everybody for your hints. The coolest thanks for your reply. You were right , it is the power supply. ffimon, very good analysis. I don’t have a univeral meter here, but according to the symptoms I experience, and your results for analysing the facts, I assume that is exactly what happens here. For others: My box is chinese, x96 905x.

Avoid this kind: https://www.ebay.de/itm/X96-S905X-Android-6-0-Set-Top-TV-Box-2GB-16GB-Wifi-Quad-Core-2-0-GHz-HDMI/293008054512?hash=item4438a418f0:g:oFIAAOSwMUpci2Qh

It worked good for 6 months. after a lot of trouble. Avoid this set, unless you are sure a decent power supply is included in the set. Practically, I think it is unrealistic to find it. There is probably a better deal to find. According to ffimon it needs to give 4A. Seems a lot fo such a small cpu device, but why not.
Mine still runs, but it takes about 5 reboots before I can actually start watching something. At any moment it can do another reboot. Usually when watching pvr simple client tv. Maybe it takes more energy to download m3u’s or something I don’t know.

It’s a lottery which PSU you get with the X96/x96 mini boxes. I have had about 10 of them the power supplies have been different even from the same supplier I think the PSUs get added by the supplier when you select the county pin. A 4A PSU is not necessary I bought it because I wanted to hang two USB Tuners that run hot and it was an X92 Box.


The above PSU is the type I bought I did not order mine off this link the one I ordered has expired. You will immediately see/feel the difference it is heavier the cable isn’t like a floppy piece of spaghetti its stiff and has two separate conductors.

If you buy a USB meter like one of these
They are cheap plug into one of the USB sockets and watch the Voltage, its surprising how much it drops under load.

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what’s the difference?

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