Unsupported DTB, Amlogic S912

i have following Device: unknown KM8 P, 2GB Ram, 16GB Rom. Its a Amlogic S912 Device with Android 7 preinstalled

i use the latest CE nightly on a extern SDcard and get now displayed, i use a unsupported dtb and a Countdown start. after this, Kodi start normal. I had tested some ***.dtb, nothing boot, only boot when i use no dtb in root of my SDcard, not use any in the device tree but get the Message displayed and Countdown before start Kodi

before its working perfectly but after Upgrade, i get this seriously displayed

When you say you tested some dtb file and nothing boot, can you tell us exactly what steps you took?

i have used some dtb for different 16/2 S912 Devices

every file copy to root from sdcard and renamed to dtb.img

but with this files, device wont boot

Start from beginning.
Burn Generic S912 from Download helper.

Then from the burned image use below named device tree.
Your Hardware does not have Gigabit Ethernet
Rename it of course.

I’m pretty sure KM8 P is gxm_q201_2g

When your device is booted with no dtb can you do

cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id

from SSH and let us know the output.


this has work