Update available message (no nightly build)


I have CE 9.2. for more than 6 months. But now I get the “Update is available” message every time I restart my VIM3L.

I have not installed a nightly build.

How can I disable this message?


Update to 9.2.3

I don’t want to update to a newer version. I have only troubles with every version after 9.2.0. The picture from Live-TV is freezing sporadically.

There was a bug in older versions which ignored the setting to prevent this popup. The only way to get rid of it, is to wait for the next stable. It was fixed after 9.2.3 was released.

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If ever somebody has concerns that a newer version might affect their current setup, they could consider the following:

Carry out a backup of your setup using the CoreELEC Configuration addon and store it to flash drive, external hdd etc.
Burn a new stable or nightly to a fresh SD card and boot from it.
Restore your backup to the fresh installation.

If you find bugs and differences between original and new, then report them.
If it works as well as your original then you know that you can safely update the original.

Also note that when restoring a backup between versions, some bugs and issues can be introduced from third party addons that may require updating to work with ongoing development to the OS.

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If you, like me, want to avoid having to burn to a fresh sd and swap thing around etc, you can also save a backup of the userdata before updating and have a .tar file with the desired version ready to drop into the update folder for quick revert.
Don’t forget to report any new issue so that devs might solve it for future versions :slight_smile: