Update Inputstream Adaptive version in CE repo


There seems to be an issue with IA version prior to 19.0.4, where some streams will crash Kodi during play followed by a CE reboot. This is consistently reproducable.

The issue only shows in CE19.x, where a version lower than 19.0.4 seems to be used. The issue seems to be fixed in IA version 19.0.4. Is it possible to have the updated version in de 19.x line repo?
I tried updating manually, but didnt get very far.

Version 20.X does not have the issue, but for ’ production’ systems v20 poses other issues that are yet unsolved, so upgrading to an alpha build unfortunately is not a solution.


??? inputstream.adaptive for CE 19.4 is at inputstream.adaptive- version
So exactly to which version are you referring to?

Both 19.3 and 19.4 i guess. Both have version <

But i have tested another option in the meantime. The version that is used in 19.3 is, which does not seem to have the crash issue on some streams (running now all morning without crash)

I dont know how i got a higher version in my setup (, but i installed from (19.3) CE repo and the version was lowered to the one available in the CE repo ( and that version does not seem to have the issue either. There might be other issues though, so it still would be a good thing to update IA to latest for all CE versions (?)

Edit: found one issue in which has to do with subtitles, now only displayed as ident 1,2,3 etc. Personally i dont care much for subs, so the workaround is good for now.

so where i stated 1.0.4 it should be 19.x.x.x Sry about that. Corrected in original msg for clarity.

19.0.4-Matrix was released only 21 hours ago, so I am sure that it will eventually find its way into the CE repo.

I hear what you say about IA seeming to cause crashes when playing streams although I find it to be random and more prevalent when using Youtube.

I’ve turned it off for now.

It is reproducible with the same series/episodes, always at the same point(s) in the streams. Example is ‘the dead files’ series on d+, any episode.

After some more investigation it seems that the issue might indeed be introduced by running a higher version in 19.3 than intended for that version. So my request might be a moot point after all. Will stick with the version in ce19 for now on live systems.

Anyway, in my search i did learn new versions of IA in ce20 introduce very nice features that castagnait worked on. Now testing those on
ce20 systems. Good stuff!

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