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Odroid C4

Thanks, When they put it with a paypal payment option and a normal access password without so much trouble, then I buy it.

Really you are not going to get any different answer here. You either choose a reputable manufacture such as odroid or khadas or you take a chance on crap. There are no other options.

Do you know a reliable place to buy with a paypal payment option and send to Spain? I have looked at Aliexpress and Amazon but it is expensive. Trash is sold cheaply, but decent products are worth more than elsewhere. Thanks.

Try searching for Banana Pi M5

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But is it CE 19 compliant ?. Reading around here I still do not clarify.

Yes, of course. If you go to coreelec.org you can see that Banana Pi is one of our supporters.

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Hello, in the end I have bought this device now that if you can pay by paypal. How long does it usually take to ship to Spain? Can CE 19 be installed in its internal memory? And if it is only for microSD, you have to install a Rom or as it comes from the factory, will it go well by CE? Thank you, I am really looking forward to it to use it together with the Enigma2 Octagon SF8008 deco and say goodbye to the Mecool and other junk devices.

I don’t know if I was right to buy the Odroid N2 + and not the banana

You have to order an eMMC modul, there is no internal memory to install.

Nothing in the internal memory, neither android nor anything ?. Now I have seen it, damn I have not realized it, it is worth 35 euros and if I ask for it now plus shipping costs almost 18. By microSD can only CoreELEC? can not another system?

N2+ does not necessarily need internal memory/eMMC to work properly. You can install different operating systems on uSD card, but only one on each.
On N2+ you can install official Odroid’s Android 32/64 bit versions and Ubuntu and plenty of third party OS images using only different uSD cards.

Ok, Thank you, I have written a private message to the company if they can send me the module for internal memory in the order without shipping costs, additional paypal payment. Have if they respond. I have several high-end Samsung 32GB and 64GB microSD cards. Would it be better in the internal memory module? or would it make little difference?

To use internal eMMC module you then also need an USB to eMMC module for convenience to write OS image to the eMMC memory module on a PC.
Using internal eMMC module speeds up the system, especially if you want to use Android.
On my N2 I have Android (64bit) on eMMC, CoreElec 19.3 on uSD card, and CoreElec 9.2.8 used only for Retro games (running from “script.emuelec.Amlogic-ng.launcher-3.2-Amlogic-ng” addon) installed on USB stick.
All combinations work except Android cannot be installed on USB stick/disk. You can choose which OS to run during N2+ boot.

Btw, USB to eMMC module is not needed if you plan to use only CE, since CoreElec installation on an uSD card can be transferred to eMMC on N2+ itself with appropriate command.

OK thank you. There are many things I am going to use CE 19 for microSD. Does it heat up a lot? Is the mini fan necessary or only without a cover does it stay without much heat?

No need for a fan or removing the cover if you’ll use only CE. Odroids N2 & N2+ are among the coolest SBCs around…


The order has just arrived in my country Spain and I get a message where I had to pay almost 40 euros more for the customs transport issue. First they charge me 18 euros for shipping and now 40 euros more. I get almost 140 euros without internal memory or anything. Super angry a hoax if I know I do not buy it, they are advertised with incomplete data to attract customers … trash everything.
If it were known about the shipping costs, I would not buy it, I would look for something else on Aliexpress

As you are the importer of the goods, did you not check the import tariffs for the EU/Spain and the terms of use on the suppliers website that states:

‘Our price does not include taxes, tariffs, brokerage fee and any related charges. Customers outside of the South Korea may be subject to customs fees and/or import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country; you should contact your local customs office or tax authority for information specific to your situation. Additionally when ordering from this website, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.’

Why didn’t you make the purchase from resellers of HardKernel in Euro zone? Two years of warranty, faster delivery, max 20 euros shipping costs? :roll_eyes:

I saw it cheaper in HardKernel but of course I did not have the customs shipment of almost 40 euros and I did not have the 18 euros more that I got when paying with PayPal. Everything has come out about 150 euros without internal memory, without any more accessories in the device, a lot of money to use it for microSD. Now to add the internal memory and other accessories would be more than 100 euros, a lot of money. A few weeks ago they did not have the paypal payment because this happens to another person and asks for a refund, I have shown honesty and I have paid.

Seen here creates confusion regarding the price

Here it was cheaper, 2 years warranty and home delivery 24/48 hours.


Here if the article with its complete information is well placed.

Yes the N2 has microSD slot, if you have the case fitted then you might need to remove the lid to clearly see it.

First off just boot straight from the SD card. Put the SD card into the N2’s slot and move the switch on the N2 away from the SPI and next time it boots it should just go straight into CE from the SD card. If that works then you can think about setting up SPI boot - but you will need to follow the instructions given on the Hardkernel website as its not a standard way of using CE so no support is offered here.