Update Odroid N2 caused stuck boot screen

Hi guys. Just updated my N2 to 9.0.3, after installation/update it is stuck on boot screen. The update was done via the GUI.
I have tried the basic things, disconnect power, hdmi, network, restart, changing hdmi cables etc etc but no luck.

So, is the next step to re-install Coreelec?

After digging some more I just realized that this version is old as, yeah, the invention of electricity! How on earth can that even be a suggestion of update path? I was on a much later version prior to the uptade.

I didn’t take notice of the actual release number when I chose to update. Shame on me…

Any suggestions on how to fix this easily?

Are you running from emmc or sd card?

Hi! I am running from eMMC

Do you have a emmc/usb reader? If yes, you can extract the latest image and copy the relevant files to it.
If not the only way is to boot from a SD card, and then copy over the relevant files to the emmc.

Thanks! I know that I had a eMMC-usb adapter when I did the first installation, but after looking for it tonight I think it has been misplaced.
I do have a bunch of SDs, so there might be a good solution. Otherwise I will just order a new adapter. Thanks!

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