Update on MariaDB & CoreElec

As a follow up to:


…I thought I would report my latest results.

For some time, as per the above threads, I was successfully using this specific version to avoid the mentioned issues (most notably having titles of ‘0’ appear in the library, but many other issues too):

image: ghcr.io/linuxserver/mariadb:110.4.21mariabionic-ls31

However, I read on a number of occasions in the Kodi forums that the issue was not MariaDB per se, rather the container in use (i.e. later versions of that Linuxserver container specifically).

I decided to see if this was correct and am now simply using:
image: mariadb:latest

…in my docker-compose.yaml.

(When I switched over, I also ran a docker exec -i {container} mysql_upgrade after the initial switch, which I don’t think is automatic with the mariadb images).

(see: How to upgrade MariaDB running as a docker container - Stack Overflow)

I have now been running this for more than two weeks, with no issues (or benefits, other than a general wish not to get trapped on older versions of things…). So it seems that it was indeed the container that was ultimately the issue, rather than mariadb itself, per se.

Just thought other mariadb users might like to know.


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