Updated Privacy Policy 21st Sep. 2018

Dear Users,

We have worked out a new Privacy Policy where we explain how your data is used and what you can do to access, delete or correct your personal data.


Please take a few minutes to read our policy and see what changed.

You might have already noticed the cookie popup and cookie configuration. We hope it’s not too inconvenient.

Your privacy is very important to us and we are compliant with the recent EU privacy laws (GDPR) and we offer every user no matter if EU citizen or not the same Privacy standards.

We might ask your consent again for the new privacy policy. Either we will send out emails or otherwise ask consent.
If you have any questions regarding privacy or if you think we could be even better with personal data, please let us know. We have always been pro Users. Your opinion matters.


Small update to our Privacy Policy 21st Sep. 2018.
Used Device Tree will be collected with the next build or nightly.


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