Updating M8S PRO+ S905X or not - beginner questions

well i took the right device tree file(gxl_p212_2g) deleted the exisitng img.dtb and renamed the device tree file to img.dtb and put it in the root dir. then i started first time the box with the card.


ok will try each cmmd once and reboot and test.
but i have not much hope :frowning:

you need to rename the device tree dtb.img NOT img.dtb

sorry it was a typo. i renamed it the right way.

so no i took the 8.95.5 and the remote is working - now i am restoring the backups in order to get my settings and lib back.

i disabled the auto upodate function in order to keep my remote so far working.

is there any way to keep on working with this base in order to get all later versions of coreelec working with my IR as well?

doing no updates in he future should not be my goal, or shouldnt it´?

no i shouldnt!

I kept updating to *.6 and remote doesnt work.
so I tried a gain the 2 wget cmds above did a reboot and then tried the echo with mecool via ssh cmd again - reboot. and now its working!!

Question: am I safe now for further updates and the remote will keep on working or should Id´disable auto updates?

I would disable auto updates. Then wait a couple of days to see if anyone reports problems. Then update manually, in the meantime, make a systembackup & save it somewhere, not on the device

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If it works now, than before you did something wrong or had something in place where it prevents for ir to work.
It must work after future updates

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