Updating to 19.X from 9.2.7 with MySQL

Hi all

Just looking for a little heads up on any pitfalls I may run into.

Presumably, when CE19 connects to the MySQL for the first time, it will try to upgrade the tables as with previous versions?

Is a direct, in place, upgrade working or should I install 19 from Scratch and manually setup all of my add-ins etc?

If not, would copying out the /storage folder from 9.2.7 and dropping it over the top of 19 be OK, or should I just setup the add-ins 100% new and just re-use my advancedsettings/mediasources/sources etc XML files?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Bear in mind, I am a Mysqlite novice. But I don’t remember having any issues when I upgraded my CE Leia to 9.2.7

I am using it on CE, MrMC & Kodi on a Nvidia shield, I log into php on my synology nas.

When I upgraded the Nvidia Shield Kodi version to Matrix, I don’t remember doing anything to the advanced settings.

I have to confess I didn’t really know what I was doing when I first set it up. Sorry if this is not really any help.

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I tar updated from 9.2 to 19 and I am using mysql too. It took some time but there were no issues.

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