Upgraded firmware on A95X B7N - no problems

I have two NexBox A95X B7N boxes which wouldn’t take newer builds, so I finally bit the bullet and tried to do the upgrade.

I went from ‘who knows what version’ to 7.1. Both box upgrades went correctly; the only issue is that I had to plug in a USB (MX3) remote to configure the Android software since my current remote was no longer recognized. Probably didn’t need it configured, but couldn’t figure out a reason not to do it.

The boot time difference between CoreELEC and Android is crazy - Android is so much slower on these boxes.

Both of these are 1/8 boxes and run everything fine - if a bit more slowly in the menus than my X96Air 4/64 1gb box in the menus.

If you’ve been holding back on doing the upgrade out of fear and doubt, don’t wait - it was truly simple.

I downloaded the firmware - 7.1
I downloaded the Bootmaker software.
Ran bootmaker on a blank, formatted microSD card
copied the firmware files to the microSD
Inserted the SD card into the box and held the reset (AV hole has the pin behind it) and booted.
Waited a few and done.


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