Upgrading from C2 to C4

I just got an Odroid C4 to replace my C2. I flashed the EMMC with the latest Matrix build. Can I just restore a backup from the C2? Do I need to downgrade the C4 to the same version as the C2 before restoring? The C4 case isn’t easy to open, and would rather not dig out the EMMC to flash again. Thanks!

Upgrading to matrix is better off with a clean install.

Importing your backup may give problems with addons and repositories.


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Thanks! Also, is there a way to restore only specific things, like the ‘watched’ databse? would that be more successful than restoring everything?

Matrix its a pain in the butt with the addons (python 3 generation - some add-ons weren’t ported yet). Better reinstall everything and loose an hour with the settings instead of getting headaches with restored backups.

I agree with Garcea. Clean install is highly recommended going to Matrix.


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