Upgrading from LibreELEC kszaq


I got one of these cheap S912 boxes and it’s running LibreELEC by kszaq, but as he quit I am trying to find some other source of updates.

Any chance I can just drop CoreElec in kszaq’s Libreelec /storage/.update/ and hope it could work? I’d like to avoid full reinstall/format as there are many things I need transferred over.


A direct update to CE is most probably going to break your installation.
You could try to backup your whole storage partition using the “backup” feature in the LE setting, doing a fresh install of CE, copying the right dtb image and use the “restore” feature in the CE settings.
This way you should have all settings, plugins, posters, thumbnails available in CE again.

I would try it on a second sd card/usb stick.
If it fails, you can still go back to your working LE installation.

I have done that in the past with three different boxes, it works fine with back and restore. Dropping the file in .update, always broke the boot system. The only issue experienced with the restore form backup option, was that using SSH later, I noticed the Libreelec password remained, not coreelec password.

Just don’t forget that if you backup / restore from LE to CE, any issues you might experience later will still need to be confirmed present using a clean CE install with no 3rd party addons. :wink:

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