Upnp smb share problems

I am running Coreelec on MXQ pro 4k. I have another Android Tv with kodi 16.1 installed and I want to share movies and TV shows from Coreelec to android tv

The problems are:

  1. When I share via SMB it works fine for tv shows but for large movies I cannot seek or resume last position playback because it freezes when I press right arrow to jump even 10 seconds
  2. When I play via Upnp server all works great except for the fact that after a while and even after I restart kodi (not coreelec) the upnp server is not visible. I tried even upnp browser on mobile phone and the upnp server is missing. If I uncheck and recheck “share libraries on upnp” from coreelec it works again for a while.

Anyone got a solution to either problem or another way to share videos without problems?

Any specific reason to share movies, instead just play them from Kodi on your box ?
How is your box connected to your TV ?

I just want to share movies to watch them. For example watch a movie in the living room (coreelec) and continue another day to watch in the bedroom (android tv). The coreelec box has an external ssd attached that contains all the movies.
The box is connected to the pc via hdmi and to the router via cable. The android tv is connected via wifi. Oh… to mention that the android tv has android 4.4.4 and can only run kodi 16.1

I do not have any problem. As a central multimedia device I have CoreELEC installed. CoreELEC has several tuners installed and also has several remote directories mounted with curlftpfs in /storage (Movies and Music). CoreELEC has installed the tvheadend TV server and the samba server that exports the multimedia directories that were mounted with curlftpfs.

Well, from any PC or Android device (Android TV Boxes, Android Tablet, and SmartPhones) I watch TV, movies and listen to music that CoreELEC gives me. Not only from the home WiFi network, but also when I am away (via ZeroTier VPN). I can also use timeshift, recordings and continue watching a movie from where I left it.

My tablet is very old, with Android 4.3 and Kodi 16, despite everything it works reasonably well because it supports 5GHz WiFi, even HDTV and HD movies (I can’t watch TV channels or movies, in 4K format because it has no hardware HEVC decoder and does not have enough power to decode by software).

Maybe your problem is that you use 2.4GHz WiFi.

Using smb shares with older and newer devices in the same Lan?
I would take a look at
Smb protocol versions
Master Browser election

WIns? Master browser election? Can you ellaborate?

Well English is not my mother tongue
But I will try to give some hints

I had always problems with windows smb shares in my mixed Lan environment

Some devices could play and see everything
Others couldn’t
Some showed my shares sometimes
Especially using wlan it was weird

Then I took an addon to my router within freeze
To be able to run samba/Smb/wins/master browser stuff

This device will always win the election
In kodi you have to configure wins and smb version

Since then all my devices do see all smb shares
I have no more broadcasting storms in my Wlan environment
But be aware that older smb versions are not secure anymore.
In my internal Lan no problem

Maybe needed things can be added with entware

I ve chosen my router because it is always running

If this part is not configured properly
You can always have strange problems with smb shares. It’s enough to start a notebook with win10. It will try to be the master of Desaster…

A starting point for identifying problems with a windows device in English maybe the tool Lanscanner 2.0

I always set my CE box as the SMB master because its the only box thats on all the time.
My OpenSUSE PC frequently loses the SMB network, but this is generally caused by an update unilaterally resetting and my NETWORK SMB settings back to default hidden behind its firewall. Opensuse is terrible for regularly screwing up samba setups. I always make certain it is set to secondary SMB server.
The whole SMB1,2,3 is another configuration minefield. However I generally find that Zeroconfig finds the SMB shares better than anything else in mysetup.


I do not use any Master Browser in my network. The access to the samba servers (I have several) is without discovery, that is, smb://192.168.xxx.xxx/directory. Maybe my Windows 10 PC acts as a master browser because it is able to find the name of samba servers, but this is normally turned off.

I can’t use samba discovery on ZeroTier VPN because it doesn’t have access to the home network, it only has access to the devices on which ZeroTier was installed.

I also don’t use WINS.

As far as I know there has to be a master server and as far as I know if smb is enabled in CE it will attempt to default to been the master server automatically.