Upscaling 720p to 1080p

I have a S905X3 box, Tanix TX3, and I received help here already to choose it and with its remote.

My TV is a 4 years old 1080P Panasonic(a S640 series in 48 inches).

I have a set of 720p videos. I am disappointed with the quality when playing them, it feels that the quality is better when I use the player of my TV. But I want to use Kodi.

I have read several threads about upscaling, hardware acceleration and I’d like your advice.

1/ I read that Allow Hardware Acceleration provided by the chip sucks. But if disable it, to set “Lanczos3 Optimized” or such, I have trouble to read my 1080p videos.

2/ I read about the whitelist and that it’s good to let the TV itself upscale the video. I did that, saw my TV switch to 720p, but I’m not sure it helped.

What would you recommend to do in order the play 720p videos the best with a 1080p TV ?

Rule #51
Sometimes You are wrong.

Upscaling via amlogic GPU is working fine

You sure ? Here it says otherwise, hence my question: VIM3 video upscaling SD content

720p is NOT SD
In my bedroom i have only 1080p TV - all my 720p videos are upscaled by amlogic GPU hardware acceleration
In my living room i have 4k HDR TV and all my videos are upscaled to 4k by hardware acceleration.
No need to use whitelist

True, it’s probably a more demanding upscaling, and I find it interesting to hear that it’s not good. That’s why I"m curious about which upscaling works better or is recommended. The one from TV or Amlogic’s one ?
I think the question makes sense, TVs have to perform upscaling and one would think they’re designed for this ?

It depends
In my case Amlogic hardware decoder and upscaler works fine.

Thanks Tim, it’s helpful. Anyone else has an opinion, is it worth to investigate more ?

You can use the whitelist to allow Kodi to play the videos in native resolution of 720P. Then your TV will handle upscaling.

Two options:
No Whitelist -> box will handle upscaling
Using whitelist -> TV will handle upscaling

Just try and compare