USB joystick has stopped working

I’m running a recent nightly amlogic-ng build of CE 21 on my X96 Max+ TV box.

I’m using a SNES compat joystick via the daemonbyte SNES → USB adapter. I had the joystick fully configured and working fine with MAME and other emulators but then I wanted to try a PC Engine game so I thought I’d configure the Coreelec PC engine joypad. That seemed to work but after quitting out of the PC engine pad config menu my joystickhasn’t worked properly with CE since.

I’ve tried resetting the input/controls options but my joystick no longer works to navigate the menus and in emulators but it does still ‘work’ if I configure it ie if I go to Settings / System → Input → Configure attached controllers → Choose Super Nintendo I can ‘successfully’ reconfigure my joystick as it registers its input but after leaving that menu my joystick doesn’t work.

I expect doing a “factory reset” or just re-installng CE would fix this but I’d prefer to find out what the problem is and hopefully get it fixed.

I was able to get my USB joystick working again by choosing ‘Reset System Settings to defaults’ under the CE → System menu. I had tried just resetting the input settings first but that didn’t fix it.

Its not an ideal solution because I have to reconfigure CE and re-download the plugins I use but its better than having to do a complete re-install.

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