USB Power shutdown method? And Hard drives?

Hi all,

I have just noticed something…

I am using a Seagate 8 TB Backup Plus Hub USB 3.0 HDD Connected directly to the usb ports.

When using this on my pc, if it is not accessed in a while, or i turn the pc off it quietly goes into a sleep mode where the light blinks and it spins down.

On the N2 As soon as i suspend it or shut down, I get a loud CLUNK! from the drive as if power is being directly pulled, does not sound good for the drive.

Ive enabled keep usb power option in config file, but then it just spins forever and never goes to sleep?

Anything can be done about this?

Firs, download Seagate disk utility with which you can change sleep/spin down time directly in disk’s firmware. Then it will go to sleep at set time on any OS no matter if it’s powered.
I do this for all my USB disks and set time to 10min.
If you cannot for any reason set this in disk’s firmware, then you can set the spin down interval in CoreElec via
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Oh yes ive tried the seagate utility in the past, but as soon as power is lost to the drive it reverts back to its original setting, not sure if its supposed to but that does seem rather pointless.

Ill try it again, will also take a look at the other option thank you.

Cant find the utility and dont have time to take a PHD in what the hell lol

“Software to allow the user to change the sleep time, toggle the lights and run drive diagnostics on a Windows computer.”

Tried that one, does not find the drive…