USB Power shutdown method? And Hard drives?

During reboot the drive also goes “clank” so will try tonight only on * with all rest removed to see if it works for all actions - halt, poweroff and reboot.

Wish i never started this im now lost :rofl:

Works perfect with Reboot and Power_Off; unmouts all drives before the power is cut off.

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Is the latest version still unde this link?

Yes, I edited script on same address.

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Nice & Thanks.
Maybe good idea to pin this, or commit to CE

I think that several issues here are caused by corrupted data/fs.

Is the emmc also ejected before powerdown by CE/BL? This is a managed NAND, which may also have background maintenance running, which does not like brownout.
EDIT: both linux Kernel drivers support Power off notification, just checked. Hopefully the host notifies the mmc driver…

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Is it safe to use it, when you have /storage partition on USB? Not sure about shutdown actions after halt service…

no, it’s not a good idea.

Working perfectly for me:) Thank You!