USB Wifi fails to conect on reboot

I am having a bit of an odd issue, and I was hoping someone could suggest a possible work around.
I have a A95x (S905x) running the latest stable release.
It has the generic N wifi onboard which is functional, but slow at only 150Mbits max connection.

I have a couple of spare 1200AC USB adapters that use the 8812BU Realtek chipset. I see the same issue with both, and they work fine on my PC. I think they are fine.

If I connect to the router with the onboard wifi, I have no issue. I can then plug in the usb adapter and it is found and will connect without issue.
However if I reboot the system with the usb adapter plugged in, I can not see any wifi SSIDs on reboot.

I then have to remove the usb adapter, reboot, disable the onboard wifi, reboot, and finaly re-enable the onboard wifi to see any networks.

Does anyone know of a work around that will allow me to use the a 8812BU based USB adapter, and be able to reboot the system?

Did you try to disable onboard wifi (wlan0) by blacklisting it in
/storage/.config/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf ?

I had not.

Here is my lsmod output.
Is cfg80211 the correct module I should blacklist?

Module Size Used by
ir_lirc_codec 5340 0
lirc_dev 11896 1 ir_lirc_codec
ir_mce_kbd_decoder 5212 0
ir_sanyo_decoder 3115 0
ir_sony_decoder 2649 0
ir_rc6_decoder 3823 0
ir_jvc_decoder 2799 0
ir_rc5_decoder 2735 0
ir_nec_decoder 3615 0
meson_ir 4389 0
rc_core 19532 11 lirc_dev,meson_ir,ir_lirc_codec,ir_rc5_decoder, ir_nec_decoder,ir_sony_decoder,ir_mce_kbd_decoder,ir_jvc_decoder,ir_rc6_decoder, ir_sanyo_decoder
hci_uart 34102 1
bluetooth 372939 2 hci_uart
6lowpan_iphc 10231 1 bluetooth
wlan 3763474 0
cfg80211 417431 1 wlan
mali 226023 5
wireguard 127359 0
wifi_dummy 894 0
amlvideodri 13210 0
videobuf_res 5690 1 amlvideodri
videobuf_core 18248 2 amlvideodri,videobuf_res
videodev 144588 1 amlvideodri
dwc_otg 261556 0
fbcon 40863 0
bitblit 4820 1 fbcon
softcursor 1344 1 bitblit
font 7399 1 fbcon

I figured out that the correct module was wlan. I would have expected the wifi module to be called something that looked like the chip set name. However after blacklisting wlan and rebooting several times I think i finally got the USB adapter to survive a reboot.
Thanks for the idea.
The AC card is easily 4x faster than the crappy onboard 150n. Makes a huge difference when waiting for my massive movie collection to load from the sql server.

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