Using new capabilities of VIM3/L

Now that my VIM3L has arrived and is working perfectly, I am wondering about its NUP chip. Since the rest of the board seems designed to be just a media center, there must be some plans or hopes for using that chip with Kodi. Is anyone working on adding voice recognition, like Rhasspy? Or upscaling? I have searched around but find no mention of it. Why else is that chip added to the board?

This question should be asked on Kodi forum, as this is CoreElec forum :wink:

Not sure its as simple as that. Some of the Android TV boxes seem to have voice control support which is what the NUP on these chips is for, so theoretically the whole subsystem could be ported from Android.
However Kodi is moving away from Android support to pure Linux support so you would have to find a whole subsystem within Linux and upstream it to mainline kernel. Since they are struggling to bring even full hardware support of these chips to mainline I cannot see this been a priority for anyone.
My guess is maybe never.


I see. Well that answers the question of why the chip is there: for Android TV boxes. Thanks for the clarification.

This maybe of interest:


That would be the easier way, presumably. I just hate the loss of privacy, and would not put Alexa, etc in my house to spy on me. For my case, maybe the way to go would be Home Assistant and add Rhasspy:

But that would still leave that NUP chip just sitting there.

Hi, can i use alexa assistant with coreelec without hub echo? :roll_eyes: :disappointed_relieved:
have u useful link please