Using pad to Control commodore c64 vice games

I’m using coreelec 19.5 with iagl addon. I have configured PS3 dualshock controller and i can use it in games but not in commodore c64 games. Pad works without issues for example in snes games, Atari games. But in vice emulator no matter what i do in the configuration the pad is totally not working. Changing joyport does not fix the problem. Also settings menu of the vice emulator has some gliches, like trying to change joyport from this menu (after clicking on change joyport menu Item) settings menu just exits… I changed it in settings.xml file. Also i need to use slider to go to the bottom of the settings menu as doing that with down arrow just stops at one of the menu items and does not want to go further :slight_smile:

So the first questions is, does anyone is able to use pad as joistick controller on vice emulator games on 19.5 (or 20.0 so maybe i need a update).

The second questions is what can i do to investigate the problem ?

also after update to coreelec 20.1-Nexus the same thing

Finally found the cause of the issue. Broken buttonmap.xml and topology.xml files in the game.libretro.vice addon. If any one is interested in fixing it I can send my versions of those files.
For the settings menu I dis not found the solution.

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