Using PS4 controller wirelessly with ce9 possible?

I would like to try out the new retro gaming feature of kodi 18- mainly to play Nes super mario bros 3 :sweat_smile: but I don’t have any other gaming controllers except a PS4 one. Is it possible to connect and use it wirelessly? If so would anybody be able to tell me how or point me in the right direction
My box is a mecool m8s pro s912 with Bluetooth

Yes it is possible to use the PS4 controller with CoreELEC.

Go to Settings/CoreELEC/Services and enable Bluetooth if you have not done so already.

Then Go to Settings/CoreELEC/Bluetooth and at the same time hold down the PS and Share button on the PS4 controller. An new entry should appear in the Bluetooth menu. Select the new entry by pressing ok on your remote or enter on keyboard. A new popup menu should appear where you can select connect to connect your controller.

These instructions are from memory so I might be a little off but this should be enough to get you going.


Thanks! I didn’t realise it was so easy, connected and working as kodi remote in less than a couple of minutes!
I went to the kodi game section and installed a nes emulator from libretro along with 2 dependencies it needed but when I go into file manager and select my mario nes rom kodi freezes and requires a hard reboot.
Am I doing something wrong? I expected connecting the PS4 controller was going to be the hard part :sweat_smile:

Try a different nes emulator, I think netsopia should be your best option for nes games. Most of the different emulators work well, but a few of them don’t. So if you encounter one that does not work well, or does not work well with a particular rom, just try another one.

I will probably post a list of the emulators that work best for each system at some point, but have been to busy to go through and test the current state of each one. It’s to easy to get sucked into a late night of playing games, when testing.

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I installed netsopia and now it’s working perfectly. I’m really happy with it, it’s great being able to play my childhood games again! Thanks again for taking the time to reply and help it’s much appreciated! :+1:

Not a problem. Good to here you got everything sorted out. Have fun playing the old games. :grinning:

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