Using Xbox 360 Media Remote with CoreElec?

I have a NEXBOX A95X TV box running LibreELEC and lately when looking through some old stuff, I found my old Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote (looks like this). Since the remote that came with my Nexbox is basically atrocious, I began to wonder if it’s possible to use my Xbox remote for that purpose and I found that while it’s not possible on LE, it would be possible with CE - and I’d gladly make the switch even if just for this feature alone.

But first I’d like to make sure - is it possible? Do I need some special receiver for it (in which case I’ll most likely pass) or can I do something else to make it work? Or maybe it’ll somehow just work outside of the box when I upgrade to CE? It pains me to see such a cool remote collecting dust so hopefully there is some way to make it work :slight_smile:

Yes, although I can’t answer if the internal IR sensor works with this. What definitely works though is the “eHome” receiver like this:

The Xbox remote will work with one of those receivers. You have to do some editing of the key mapping if you want to use some of the specific buttons such as the guide and the green button etc.