V 9.2.7 Video just stops, returns to menu

No idea whats going on, but the past week or so, the video play back just “stops” and it goes back to the kodi menu.

Been running on this current install for quite some time with no issues till now, I notice a bit of speed up and slowdown, happening with more frequency in the lead up to the video stopping. When it stops though, its like someone just hit stop on the remote, it doesn’t hang or anything, goes straight back to kodi, and it correctly remembers the resume position. It doesn’t happen at any particular moment in the video, doesn’t have any issues with high bitrate.

One thing i noticed is that in “system information” it says I’m only using about 300mb of the 2gb ram, but when debugging is turned on, the overlay information says 1,500,000 MB (ish) being used out of 1,800,000 MB. The debug overlay also says 60% usage but in the kodi system info page, it says it is using much much less

I turned on debugging , below is the start of the log and then the last few pages

bump anyone?

This is a old, obsolete SoC: Amlogic S905 rev b
You can try again with a new uSD card by a fresh 9.2.7 install without any addon installed.
There is no active development on 3.14 kernel anymore.

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