Various issues with configuring controllers

I’m having trouble getting my head around exactly how controller config is supposed to work under the latest CE nightlies. I’ve had some success with it in that I have been able to play MAME ROMS under CE but I’ve already had to reset all of my CE settings once because my USB joystick stopped working.

The central issue I feel is this. I’ve got a SNES compat USB joystick that I want to use to play MAME, SNES, Genesis and PC engine games etc. Because it has 8 buttons, it should be capable of controling the emu add-ons for all of those platforms, in theory, but so far I’ve only been able to get it to work with the MAME and SNES9X add-ons.

I have got my SNES USB stick attached and under Settings / System → Input → Peripherals I can see my USB joystick adapter which is configured to appear a SNES controller but if I go to Settings / System → Input → Configure attached controllers I get the configuration screen for the defaut Kodi xbox alike controller instead of the SNES pad.

Can anyone explain how I’m supposed to configure a SNES style controller to control a Megadrive or PC engine emulator? How does the button mapping work in such cases?

Currently it looks like I may have to reset all of my CE settings again. This breakage seems to occur when the user tries to change the appearance of their controller. I was trying to use a Sega MD emu and configure the SMD controller to use my USB SNES joystick.

Maybe this is something I need to discuss with the Kodi devs instead?

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