VDR on Wetek Play 2 - Scan found no channels

I wanted to try VDR as alternative to TVHeadend.

So I installed VDR PVR Backend, VDR VNSI Client and VDR Configuration from teh CoreElec repository.

In the CoreElec Settings PVR & TV, Client specific, I can access the menu to configure VDR. When I start a scan, it scans for while, tries all transponders, but it found no channel at all.

Does anybody has the combination VDR, CoreElec, Wetek Play 2 successful running? Did I miss a configuration?

Many thanks in advance.

Is the TVHeadend service still active ?

No, TVHeadend server and client are still installed, but deactivated,

To check it, I uninstalled TVHeadend and its client (but kept the settings).
Still same behavior, the scan of VDR finds no channels.

You can use w_scan to scan for channels (if you haven’t tried it…).
Stop the VDR service before you scan.