I’ve just installed VDR PVR instead of TVHeadend and setup channels.conf so that my channel list is stable. TVH was always dropping channels etc.

TVH EPG was good however VDR is only showing now and next. I realise I need to install vdr-plugin-eepg to pull in SKY UK OpenTV extended EPG data which TVH used.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to install and setup this plugin. Help would be much appreciated.

Are you sure you want to switch to VDR?

Disappointing. For me just seems more robust and reliable compared to TVH, EPG issues aside.

Yes, it actually is.
I moved to a commercial solution (tvm) that serves me very well. While it is very stable, it isn’t as robust as vdr. Without it being maintained though, I would look elsewhere, especially if you run into issues on the get-go…


You should be able to install this via :

My addons>vdr backend>configure>settings>plugins


Doesn’t help. Installing is not the issue.
Please read at least the original post before replying. Thanks.