Video (4k and FHD) freezing randomly

Hello guys!
I switched my old FHD TV to a LG 4k and was very pleased with the picture.
However when watching some videos, they freeze for a few seconds throughout the movie and the audio continues normally.

I did not make any configuration changes (only resolution to 3840x2160p 60).

Does anyone know how to solve?

the videos infos exemple
On old tv worked without problems

4k HDR

This happens in any video.

I use hdmi cable 2.0 and the problematic CEC works well!

and sorry my english!

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I see that your video are on a Nas, is the connection fast enough?
Which version of CE are you using?

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“NAS” is HDD USB 2.0, and never had this problem
i use the last oficial version, CE 9.2.1…my n2 is 4gb version

videos work normally via PC (samba LAN => PC => TV)

Have you tried changing the cache settings?

Create a file in userdata, name it advancedsettings.xml
Copy and paste say Example 4 in it. Save and reboot the device.

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I will try and then return!


I change the cache and…Don’t work!

freezes in exactly the same parts

:cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

What program are you using to all this data of the video being played? Is this a program installed on CoreELEC or is this something you’re running from a computer?

It´s a program running on a personal computer


Yes, I have that program but I’m not getting all those details. Guess I have to go learn how to use it better…

Got it… changing the views now shows me all this info. Thanks.

Some help??
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I suppose you use an AVR, try to see if there is not a HDMI 1.4/2.0 option, try to desable ARC and CEC. Is it a fresh new install? Do you use passtrough? There is also a playback synchro option in Kodi

you can also try 59,94hz or other refreshing rates