Video Breaking Up

CE - 8.95.6

Recently changed from LE to CE by doing a fresh install to a new USB and restoring a LE backup and I’m noticing the video is breaking up when watching live TV, audio is OK. This never happened on LE. Watching other video sources is OK, it’s only live TV.

The break up seems worse on the HD channels too.

I have TvH Server and Client installed on my box which is a TX92.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



EDIT: Here is an example.

You need to help the devs a little bit by checking that the same issue prevails after a clean CE install and manual reconfiguration of your setup (so that the correct, updated, and compatible addons etc. are used) They’re pretty busy people and, you might well find that, by manually configuring your CE setup, the issue no longer exists. :thinking:

I thought the way I installed CE, that is from an LE backup, was an acceptable way of installing CE. Is this not the case now as I’ve seen many people suggest it is?

Just want to be sure, as doing a clean install and an a new setup of Kodi and TvH is not a 5 minute job.



CE has a few differences to LE and, although many times we get away with restoring an LE backup to CE, sometimes there is hassle (restoring backups from very old versions of CE can even be troublesome). It is recommneded, when upgrading anything more than a minor update, to clean install, using SD / USB and manually reconfigure. It does take longer but, when an incompatibility between builds arise, many find that they have saved no time at all by doing the restore if elusive bugs emerge.

Well, I have just finished install CE from scratch and I’m still getting the video break ups that I never received in LE.

BTW - TvH is telling me the signal strength is 71%.

So, any ideas would be appreciated.



I don’t use CE for live TV myself but if a browse through these topics doesn’t help, I’m sure somebody that does will respond soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Cannot see anything similar in those topics so let’s hope someone has some ideas.

Thanks for you input.

What is the signal Quality like when playing a live TV channel?

Maybe the signal strength is dropping at times? Have you been able to monitor it while seeing the problem?

What about signal Quality? Is that high and constant (no drop-offs)?

Is the aerial feed good?

I have 100% on both SNR and Sig Strength when playing a DVB-T channel and no problems with break up of picture.

@JohnBoyz - How do I find the signal quality, as TvH only shows signal strength and snr (See link in my previous post).

Remember this same hardware and cable etc works 100% with no breakups if I just replaced the SD card with one that has LE installed.


This is what I see here

The Signal to Noise Ratio is what I was referring to.
It shows here as you can see.

Unfortunately I’m not getting a SNR figure.

That seems a little strange to me … are you using the same driver on both operating systems?

Is it possible that you have an intermittently bad connection?

A slight reduction in signal reception due to the connection or some variation in the driver might account for the problem.

Do you know how I can check the driver versions?

Do not think it’s a connection issue as LE has been fine for months. Also I can go the my box, shut it down, install the LE SD and power up and it will be fine. Reverse that and install CE and it’s crap. All within 5 minutes.