Video Buffer enlarge

I have the problem that i have a lot of buffering when i playback from my Server ota FullHD Videos. Can i enlarge the Playback buffer?
Thank you

Yes you can, look at Kodi wiki for Advancedsettings.xml

Ok, thanks, should this be working fine on a Wetek Play 2 ?


Yes, should work.

Thank you for your help, it should be work fine after a few hours of testing

After a few Days an hours, i can say it works fine for LiveTV, but not for show Movies from the Server, there were a lot of lags

Same experience here:
The config in Advancedsettings.xml don`t work for me


With addon SFTP support I want to play movies from a NAS in my hometown.
On NAS side there are 40Mbit/s up and on Coreelec side there are 50Mbit/s down.
Example 4 from this Side seems not working.
On fast scenes the movie has still heavy stuttering -_-

Android Box with 905X / 4GB Ram
Connected via ethernet
movies played 1080p only

I also changed memorysize to 324880000 and readfactor to 1000000, nothing helped…

Forget about advancedsettings.xml, delete it, and install CoreELEC on internal memory or an external USB disk drive. I think your problem is in the flash memory.

Also keep an eye on running addons and delete malicious.

Thank you, I will try this.
that makes such a big difference? Local files from USB HDD or 1080p/4K Youtube Streams are without any stuttering - this features don’t use the flash memory?