Video calibration not persistent in video playback

Hi all,
I’m using a c2 odroid and CoreElec of which works great on it, however I noticed that when I set the video calibration for the correct screen size and aspect ratio (in the video settings) this is then not used for video playback?

I set it all up and when I navigate around the UI all is as expected regarding size and aspect ratio but when I watching a video and go to the information (for example) the video the screen calibration and aspect ratio isn’t what I set it to. When I stop the video and go back to the UI all is as expected and to how I set it up.

I come from LibreElec where once I set the video calibration this was persistent throughout KODI, but CoreElec seems to behave competently different?

Have I missed something? Does it treat the UI and video resolution and aspect ratio as separate entities?
I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong, but it doesn’t behave to how I’d expect and been using for the last 5 years.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Ok, I’ve managed to fix it. It seems you have to video calibrate when the movie isn’t playing and also when the video is playing. The later was the issue.

CoreELEC treats each scenario as separate settings.

I thought I’d give feedback to how I fixed it in hoping it helps someone else.

All the best and keep safe.