Video calibration won’t survive a reboot (bump!)

This issue has been discussed a while before, but not really addressed because I think it’s a bug in CE, not Kodi:

After making any changes to the Video calibration, all changes reset to default (0,0) after a reboot of the box. Does this bug happen to everyone, or just certain (hardware?) configurations?

I know I’m supposed to use “Just scan” aspect ratio on the TV, but this doesn’t explain why the calibration settings can’t be saved after reboot. I might want to change them for whatever reason. For example, the video calibration settings also include the subtitle position. That setting also gets lost after reboot.

On my S905W and S912 boxes adjusted subtitle position is saved and is not lost after reboot.

Bugger, so this doesn’t happen to everyone!

If you would be soooo kind, big favor, just as a little test, could you also make a small change to video calibration, just like +2,+2, and then try reboot, see if it’s still there?

would be really grateful

Just to make myself more clear: global settings in “Settings/System/Video Calibration” do not survive reboot.
The mothod that I use is I make the calibration while playing a video: go to Setings/Video setings/Video calibration… This way ALL settings that I make survive reboot. I have to do this for every picture format…

ooh, interesting I will try that.

Is the fact that global settings do not survive reboot a CE bug?

Don’t know…

I think the issue (well not an issue actually) is that calibration settings are applied per refresh rate.
So if you set through kodi’s main settings, they will be applied for the current refresh rate (whatever you have set on System/Display/Refresh rate).
If you then play a 24p video, it won’t have the calibration parameters you set.

You have to apply calibration settings through video osd for every refresh rate you’ve set on Whitelist.
Or, change system/display/refresh rate, apply calibration through main Kodi settings, and do it again for every refresh rate.

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Thanks to all of you, I’ve scratched my head quite a bit around this topic previously and I’ve not been able to understand how it works.

To me it looks like the behavior is roughly like this.

If I set my Kodi GUI 1920x1080 50hz and I whitelist only 1920x1080 50hz. Then I play Live TV HD content which is 1920x1080@50 and do the Video Calibration, the settings get saved over reboot.

However if I set my Kodi GUI to 1920x1080 60Hz and I whitelist only 1920x1080 60Hz and play the same Live TV HD content which is 1920x1080@50 the settings do not get saved. In the video calibration screen it says 1920x1080@60 and the changes does affect my Kodi GUI once I stop the video but after a reboot the GUI is off again.

Also after successfully changing the Video Calibration once, I can do the changes directly via Kodi settings menu. However if I have not done that on a specific resolution and refresh rate the settings doesn’t seem to get stored.

As pointed out multiple times, for most people Just Scan is the way to go.

Only(?) on LG TVs, on other brands it may be called different to get 1:1 display.

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On my old Samsung it’s called the same.

Rascal’s comments have helped a lot, and it really looks like a bug:

  • I set GUI resolution to 1080p @ 60Hz (I don’t use auto framerate nor whitelist). I make changes to the Video Calibration (subtitle position is the one that’s bothering me) and play 3 different test videos (of various resolutions etc,). All three videos keep my new video calibration settings. Then I reboot box, and all video calibration RESET to defaults.


  • Now I set GUI resolution to 1080p @ 50Hz . I make changes to the Video Calibration and play 3 different test videos . All three videos keep my new video calibration settings. Then I reboot box, and all video calibration changes are remembered!

It really looks like a bug of not saving the settings in the 60Hz mode?

Obviously i’ll stick to 50Hz for now.

It wasn’t really about the 50hz in my opinion. The source video frame rate needed to match output hz when I did the calibration. If I played a video of 1920x1080@59,94 and if I had my setup at 59,94hz it also persisted through reboot. But when I played the same video at 60hz it did not.

I could be totally off here though but that’s how it seemed.

Rascal is again right, I did some tests which I think will be very useful to identify the bug:

  1. I set GUI refresh rate to 60Hz, and in Video Calibration set subtitle position to “1060” (just a fun number)
  2. I set GUI refresh rate to 59Hz and subtitle position to 1059
  3. Refresh rate to 50Hz and subtitle to 1050
  4. Refresh rate to 24Hz and subtitle to 1024.

I then start switching resolutions between these 4, and ALL of the settings are remembered (without reboot). Even the 60Hz

BUT, if I reboot, then ALL of the settings are remembered, EXCEPT the 60Hz. It is the only resolution whose Video Calibration settings don’t survive the reboot. So it’s a simple case of the 60Hz (only the 60Hz) video calibration settings not being saved.

Definitely a bug right? But is it a Kodi bug, or a CE?

This problem doesn’t exist in Libreelec So my detective skills say either Leia broke it, or it’s in CE.

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