Video freezes for a few seconds and then resumes really quickly to catch up

I have this repeating problem, of the video freezing for a few seconds and then resumes really quickly to catch up. (Edit: Sound stops as well, video goes really quickly and then catches up to sound which starts playing a few seconds ahead)

Similar error can be seen when streaming sometimes. same large audio error but this time it results in video stuttering every few seconds.

These are on local files, doesn’t matter if they are 1gb or 12gb x264 or x265 codec. Initially i thought it was x265 but it appears that it effects all video files.

The only place I don’t have this issue is when I am playing through a TV tuner. This time I was prepared with a full debug log file from system start. It is a bit big so I couldn’t use

Kodi Log

Have you tried adding a video buffer? It’s off by default for local and lan media. Example advancedsettings.xml;

I have tried before, but it made it even worse for online streaming. I havent tried your parameters. I will try and report back.

Why is this happening in the first place, what is the mechanism? Surely the buffer wouldn’t be filled up if the file is 1gb big?

You haven’t said how your box is connected to your network, or even what device you have. Are you using Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

Hi Sorry. I am using a wetek play 2. It is connected via ethernet. I suffer this problem on local hard drive.

Also add that I am using 9.0.3.

Tried this and it appears to have improved things significantly, still have it every now and then

I have same problem, I am on Coreelec 9.2, odroid-c2, connecting through 5ghz wifi or ethernet (without getting rid of freezes on ethernet), mostly getting freezes on local storage through NAS, sometimes in youtube, tried increasing buffer to max size, to no avail.
I am planning setting up a buffer on all sources, after that do a debug log, wil update soon.

try this in advanced settings.xml

   <!-- <loglevel>1</loglevel> 

After setting the buffermode to 1 and video cache to 429MB readfactor to 1000, playback from nas is fine, but every second or every longer youtube video freezes once or twice during playback

your youtube videos, are you casting from your phone using tubecast or the addon. I have noticed a similar thing using tube cast.

I am using youtube addon, i was using 9.0 without isuses on odroid c2 and rpi3 month before without isuses