Video gets stuck when trying to fast-forward

Hey guys i got a new problem with my Coreelec installation.

When i watch a movie for quite a long time (like 2 hours) and then decide to skip or fast-forward to a later position it gets stuck in an infinite loading screen.
What’s even worse is, that I can’t even restart the movie (sometimes not even any video), but instead have to restart the whole Coreelec system to get it working again.

Last night i experienced the problem again and decided to take the logs which you can find here:
The tried to fast forward at about 1:40 AM.

The movie is stored on a NAS which is connected via Samba. It’s a HEVC file, but i got this problem also on H264 movies.
My SOC is a S905X3 and i’m using the latest nightly build.
Maybe someone can find the error, which is causing the problem.
Feel free to ask if you need additional information :slight_smile:

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