Video modes on Ugoos AM6b plus

I use CoreELEC on Ugoos AM6b plus (S922x-j, CE boot image is AM6B) and have a stranhe behaviour:
On default the main menu is out in 420 8bit — it’s okay. But all the movies (SDR, HDR, HD or UHD) is rendered in 444 12bit. The file contains 420/8 420/10, but player don’t want to read this info and tune output stream correctly.
My TV is support these formats.
If I use System > CoreELEC “Out 4:2:2” then I get only 4:2:0 8bit on any content. It’s also very strange…

What should I do to make player correctly read the movie format and output the stream accordingly to it?
Thank you a lot!

P.S. Another question: if I disable interface scaling (to render and output in 4k) — the boot logo distorted (artefacts under the CE text and red “power” symbol is… some kind of diagonally stretched). Maybe I should create another post for it? Sorry, I’m new here.

420 is a standard for 4K 50 Hz or 60 Hz, for all below 4K frame rates 444 is normal behavior

If your TV supports 10bit or 12bit then it could use it. It’s normal and no any color conversion.

As for 4K logo with disabled scaling it’s known issue.

Thank you for the answer.
I have another one — output signal from CE is going in Limited video level? As I understand from KODI wiki, ideal conditions must be Limited source, Full GPU and Limited mode on TV. My question is: does the GPU set on Full on CE setup?

Yes, it’s in Limited mode.
If I remember correctly Full mode could be applied only in RGB mode.

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