Video playback quality on amlogic? (washed out videos)

Hi folks,

I’m new here, installed the latest stable release of CoreElec on WeTek Hub, as I’m looking to replace my ageing x86 box (Zotac with Intel Atom and Geforce 520M).

Things work great, but I’m surprised how bad the videos look. I have the box connected to the Denon received and then to LG OLED TV, same cables and paths as the Zotac box.

The GUI looks nice and vibrant, but the videos are all washed out. I haven’t seen any settings for saturation, so I’ve increased contrast in the video playback settings and I’ve changed the TV from “Standard” to “HDR effect” to get a slightly more acceptable picture quality.

Is there anything else I can try? Zotac was 1080p and the WeTek box is 4k, but I have the problem when playing HD content as well.


If you connect the box directly to the TV is there any difference?

Do you have any small clips from the videos that you can extract and post for others to test?

Avidemux is great for quickly extracting clips.

Wetek Hub uses S905 (gxbb). Only S905X (gxl) and newer support HDR. Even HDR to SDR conversion is bad on gxbb.

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Hi, i also have the exact same problem with my TV, when i play all movies in UHD, the picture looks washed out and i have to turn the saturation up to max to get something nicer, but it doesn’t look like a 4k video on youtube for example.
I am running the latest version of Coreelec on a Minix Neo 9UH I have already tried the nightly version but there’s nothing different in it, and I already have an HDMI 2.0 cable.
The TV is a TCL 50EP640.

There’s something wrong with the true tone of the hdr, but i don’t know where to find something to fix it.

There is no fix and likely there will be no fix. Devices that require 3.14 Kernel like gxm (S912) or gxbb are provided as is.

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