Video playing in top left corner after resume. KODI 19, Odroid N2+

ODROID-N2+ 2GB CoreELEC Edition - Matrix 19.0
New device/installation.

Watching a 4k movie yesterday, all was running buttery smooth without problems. I pressed stop and came back a few minutes later to resume, and the video was playing in the top left corner with some artifacts/distortions in a picture. (picture was not looking normal, had some diagonal line in it).
When I restarted the device, a movie played fine, but I was able to replicate the problem by again stopping and resuming. What can be done about this? My resolution is 1080p 60Hz in KODI settings, and Framerate switching is set to: On start/stop.

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Try the default skin. This is a skin issue. In my estuary skin I can disable an option and it works.

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