Video record with Motion?

Anyone has installed Motion?

I installed without issues and runs pretty well. I can see the webcam througth web interface. I can capture images but doesn´t record video. I’ve tried several settings in motion.conf without success.

Must I install another package to record videos with Motion?

Thanks in advanced

Make sure you have it configured to write the video to a user accessible storage area.

Thank you.

I’ve setted up the folder with the target_dir setting parameter to the /storage/screenshots folder. The images are saved well to that folder, so I think there is another specific problem with the video

As the documentation says:

The full path for the target directory for picture and movie files to be saved. The default is the current directory. This is the target directory for all snapshots, picture files and movie files. You will normally always want to specify this parameter as an absolute path.

Anyone has this working?

Thanks again