Videopreview Thumbnails?

I’m a long time AppleTV 4 + 4k user.
but as I wanted ATMOS + DTS:X I got the Odroid N2 Coreelec edition.
And I really love it for playing local content.

But I’m missing something and found yet no way to get it:
A Videopreview Thumbnail.
So I can see a preview when I scrub through the video. Just like on nearly every app on AppleTV.
Or when scroll through Youtube in your browser.

Is there any add-on or Skin or whatever to enable this?

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I think asking this on the Kodi forum would probably get you more information on this.
Does MrMC have this feature?

Yes, MrMC has this feature.
Thnx. I’ll try my luck over at the Kodi forum.

I’m not familiar with Apple TV, but my suspicion is that this is a feature that the iOS SDK provides developers access to. I’m not aware of any Kodi skin that would allow this, but this is feature request that should be aimed at Team Kodi.