VIM3 fan control

3705 COOLING FAN installed in my khadas vim3.
over android i can control the velocity easy
but CoreElec seems to have no option for control
for now the fan is off …
any solution?

i2c-tools is already part of system-tools addon. No need any busybox changes.

I will be adding support for the fan in due course, I’m just extremely busy with other things at the moment but Khadas did send me one so I have it available and ready to implement.


It seems that the 3705 fan works on 9.2.1, but can’t find the speed controller.
And you know the fan noise :sweat_smile:

I noticed after the last few nightlies that the fan is springing into action every now and then for a few seconds.
It didn’t used to do that and it was always (and still set on Auto).
Could it have something to do with the cpu governor? Noticed some talks about it lately but didn’t look into it closely as I’m not sure what it does. Seems to be set to performance here as a default.

Could just be temperature changes in your environment causing it to run hotter but there has been no big changes.

Set it to ondemand for lower idle temperatures.

Thanks. I have set it to On Demand last night. Will monitor it over the next days. Is there a way to see the temps? CPU and ram usage at least seemed low (I think max was 28% cpu and 11% ram).

You can install netdata via entware (there’s a thread about it)
Or you can run cputemp from ssh.
And of course in Kodi GUI you can see temperature in Hardware tab under system information

Thanks TheCoolest. I’ll look into those options.

Further option using docker

SSH and run command below which continually monitors Temp. When Fan Kicks in
you can see the temp live in your SSH session.

echo "cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp" > temp 
chmod +x temp 
watch ./temp

Thanks, kostaman.
I was thinking SSH would be the easiest way look into it. I’m not near a PC when I watch something though, so I’d have to get up and look. I’ll have a look at this though. Or maybe map a key to Kodi’s info if that’s possible so I can just open that while watching.

Nice, thanks.
btw, I posted on another issue some weeks ago and it was moved to the Hardware thread and had no responses.

Any suggestions on that?

running this now. V3 is idle. it shows 40000-40500. Started a vid and it’s averaging at about 41700-41900 at the beginning and now climbing towards 43000.
I’m not sure what sort of temp metric this is. I’ll check it out if/when the fan kicks in.

Create the file temp using vi or nano and insert this commands:
cpuTemp0=$(cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp)
cpuTempM=$(($cpuTemp2 %$cpuTemp1))
gpuTemp0=$(cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp)
gpuTempM=$(($gpuTemp2 %$gpuTemp1))
echo CPU Temperatur “= “$cpuTemp1”.”$cpuTempM"°C"
echo GPU Temperatur “= “$gpuTemp1”.”$gpuTempM"°C"

save the file
chmod +x temp
watch -t -n 5 ./temp
Shoes temperatur from CPU and GPU in celsius

Thank you. I will try it.
So 43000 is 43c (43.000)?

No, it´s not only division by 1.000


GPU Temperatur “= “46”.”7°C

looks like it’s running with your code. I think you left out a slash so I changed it to watch -t -n 5 ./temp.