Vim3 standby problem when the tv/avr is turned off


following problems:

  • auto standby (kodi setup ->save energy) it does not work
  • standby when the tv/avr is turned off (kodi setup ->cec adapter) it does not work

wake-up feature inject_bl301 activated

Khadas Vim3 Pro A311D Rev. b (Connected via HDMI to Denon AVR-X4500H CEC activ ->LG TV Oled 65B7D SIMPLINK/CEC activ)

ce nightly_20191027 (9.2)


thanks for the support

CEC remote is working in Kodi?

You have to enable component logging in kodi settings for libCEC. And enable debug logging for in kodi. Then switch of the TV and wait 1-2 minutes. Turn back on the TV and upload the debug files again by the option including kodi.log.

cec remote does not work anymore when the tv / avr is turned off and on again

cec remote works after ce reboot

There is no Kodi log. Enable the debug log in Kodi and use the upload function with Kodi debug logs

sorry my mistake

unfortunately I get an error message when sending the log “failed to paste log files”

I hope these logs can help? (514,3 KB) (514,2 KB)

Why do you think it’s not in standby?
The log showes 20:07:01, and then at 20:07:58 it continues.
You can also run before Standby with a SSH connection: dmesg -c
Then close the SSH connection and turn off the TV. After a few minutes turn on the system again and enter again a SSH connection and type dmesg | paste

after switching the tv off and on again, the tv channel will continue to play.
In addition, cec remote does not work after turning it on.

when I switch my gt-king to standby, the pvr playback stops, and after powering up the kodi home screen is displayed.

That’s same here. I watch live TV, switch of the TV and the box is going to suspend. When resume the playback just resume.

The CEC remote does need ~30s to do a new init and is normal. Same here with my LG.

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