VIM3 video upscaling SD content

I have a VIM3 running CE 9.2.1 stable connected to a 1080p TV and I notice that the quality of the video scalers, used for SD content, is a lot worse than that of my Intel HTPC.

On my Intel HTPC I had the best results with “Lanczos3 - Optimized” but on my VIM3 the scalers produce entirely different results. “Lanczos3 - Optimized” on the VIM3 looks a lot like “Bicubic”.

But also the other scaling methods like “Bilinear” and even “Nearest neighbour” look very different from what the Intel HTPC shows with the same video scaling method active.

Why is that? And more importantly is there anything I can do to improve the video scalers on my VIM3?

The default video scaler on Amlogic is bad quality.
Try the super scaler, connect to box via SSH and execute this command:
echo 1 > /sys/module/amvideo/parameters/super_scaler

Thanks but I don’t see a difference unfortunately. I did confirm that the value of super_scaler changed from N to Y using cat. The value reverts back to N after a reboot so I guess a reboot is not needed to enable it either. Do you have any further suggestions? :slight_smile: