Vim3l + khads tone board but no SPDIF OUT NOT WORK

I bought vim3l + tone board to use spdif out.

But it won’t work.

I’m not sure which if any of the developers have the Tone Board to debug this issue.

@cdu13a do you have it?

Yes, I have one. I don’t however have anything at home that I can use to do any testing/debugging of spdif issues. Unfortunately given the current situation here I also can’t go anywhere else to access what I would need either.

Of course you have already tried setting Audio output device: ALSA: Khadas tone control, S/PDIF

I have a generic tone board, using USB between VIM3 and toneboard, this wont support SPDIF out.
Planning to solder a connector to board to connect it straight to VIM though.

will u send me the link of default rom which was installed by default on htpc vim3l kit when they ship.
because on default rom SPDIF OUT not work but my usb drive was working fine. to make SPDIF OUT WORK i flash it with android but no luck…now i flashed coreelec rom for khadas site and now my usb drive not working too.

yes i tried everything to make spdif out work but it won’t work.
SPDIF in works fine RCA analogue works fine too.

Dont know if this helps, the only way to get SPDIF out from my VIM3 is by setting audio output to ALSA: AML-AUGESOUND,S/PDIF
Output is from VIM3 GPIO 40-pin connector pin 13
Unfortunately, no output from tone board with this audio setting.

Confirmed, no SPDIF out from toneboard, whatever audio setting used.
Neither Connecting VIM3 to toneboard using the 40-pin connector nor via USB-C.

PIN13 on GPIO header should work.

Unfortunately none of the developers have the equipment needed to test this right now, I will contact Khadas to see if they can offer any help.

Just an observation. The tone board has better resolution than nearly any spidif based DAC out there and so is likely to sound better than any spidif DAC


I agree the Analog outputs of the Tone Board will give better sound resolution than the SPDIF output, but this was not the issue of this thread.
And dependend on the connected devices, there are some SPDIF setups, which give you even better quality than any Tone board.
Anyhow, SPDIF quality of native Pin13 and Tone Board will be the same quality/linitations.


I had cambridge audio dac magic plus connected to jbl lsr 305 via balanced cable. i need silent computer to run songs and movies for that vim 3l is perfect if i can make spdif out of tone board work with vim3l. I can connect vim3l+ tone board to my cambridge audio dac magic plus through spdif in.

And i agreed tone board is good sounding dac but i liked dacmagic plus more and it has balanced output too.

Which version of the tone board did you get. The generic one only has spidif input.

If that is the case you need to attach a toslink socket directly to the vim3l gpios.


The only difference with generic and VIMs edition is the 40-pin connector soldered on toneboard.
Tried both versions, no SPDIF output from toneboard.
Got SPDIF out from VIM only using ALSA: AML-AUGESOUND,S/PDIF setting.

Vim version

From khadas

The vim version toneboard seems to offer passthrough from the gpio pin on the vim to the toneboard, but there maybe some other setting which needs to be made to get it to work since the pathway must be diverted away from the toneboards normal setting of spidf in. In order for the toneboard to output the VIM’s spidf signal it needs to be attached via the gpio header and not the USB cable.

The VIM3 spidf gpio output has been tested and works, not yet tested for the vim3l.


Needs something done on the toneboard as well, although getting SPDIF from pin 13 no output from toneboard.

There’s an audiosetting ALSA: Khadas Tone Control, S/PDIF
Using this results in no SPDIF out from VIM3 pin 13

The khadas team seem to suggest it should just work, but that’s probably just in android. There is a MODE setting for the toneboard to set its input/ouput status - which doesn’t seem to get set anywhere in CE.

However I would make the observation that getting it to work will turn the rather expensive Toneboard into a piece of wire. Surely it would be far better to remove the toneboard from the equation and go straight from the gpio pin with a €1.00 toslink socket.


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