VIM3L your tips for new user

I’ve ordered the vim3l, March 2022.

When it arrives I would like to get it updated to the best stable version (9.2.8?) as quickly as I can. Not sure as of yet if my add-ons will work on Matrix (

Tips and things that would be beneficial to do right out of the gate will be appreciated. Also, anything to be cautious or stay away from as well.

I’ve been reading the forum here and on khadas forum. Most of the posts are older issues that may have already been resolved.

I’ve had Kodi on odroid-C1 and CoreElec Kodi on my current odroid-C2.

The plan was to get an odroid-C4. Flash CoreElec eMMC and copy my current CoreElec backup to it. Then setting my C2 aside for a backup device. . . Got tired of waiting for the C4. If my current SBC were to die, we’d be up the creek without a paddle.

Everything, being how they are, a “BIG” part of our down, leisure, entertainment time comes through the TV.

Odroid-C2, CoreElec 9.2.8, openVPN/IPVanish, the Crew,, alldebrid.

Thanks in advance!

9.2 is EOL, go with CE-19, Kodi Matrix

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