Virgin Tivo Remote Config

Have taken the Virgin Tivo remote (the version without the search button)

Toml File
VirginTivoRemote.toml (1.5 KB)

There are a few buttons that haven’t been assigned anything - the 0x code as been added to the toml file

  • Clear
  • Last Channel
  • Text
  • Thumbs up
  • Thumbs down

The following buttons are programmed via the remote to control the TV - link to the Virgin instructions in the toml file.

  • Power
  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Mute

Image of Remote

Hope I’ve done this right!

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That’s interesting - I’ve got the Tivo V6 remote and the codes for many of the same keys are the same - but some of the other codes are re-used. The V6 has a separate ‘Back’ button which maps to the same code as ‘Full screen’ on your remote for instance, but doesn’t have a ‘Text’ button as your remote has.

(This allows you to have Back mapped to Back on mine, and Prev/Next mapped to the Arrow buttons below stop)

Still working through my V6 optimum key map - will post a version when I have.

I’ve just bought the newer, smaller version of the remote of eBay so would be good if you’re able to upload your version when you have it sorted.

For the full screen button do you know if there is there a function for kodi to return to full screen?


TAB on a regular keyboard takes you to the playing video ISTR - so you should be able to work out what the Kodi code is for that?

For info I’ve got the Tivo V6 remote - which looks very similar to the one you posted (same size) but with slightly different key arrangement (there’s a search button near Slow and and separate PREV and BACK buttons)

The Vol +/- and Mute buttons are programmed separately and directly control my Sony TV rather than Kodi. (It uses One-for-All style programming with 4 digit codes for those keys.)

The Power key sends data in RC5 format on mine so will talk to Kodi.

(I’ve also got the earlier Tivo Slider Pro which is RF - with a USB dongle - and the same Tivo Peanut shape but has a slide out QWERTY keyboard. That’s probably the most useful and functional remote I have for Kodi)

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