Vizio P Series CEC doesn't work (sort of)


Hi there, first of all thanks for you hard work.

I have an odriod c2 board which is works prefectly with samsung tv. Same time vizio p series 2018 year build tv does work as regards of power messages (turn on/turn off).

Arrows and Ok/Back button doesn’t work.

I tried to debug it with cec-client and find out interesting thing. After I didn’t anything with cec-client, OSD string goes from “Kodi” to “OdroidC2” and actually arrows start working, but when I press once it moving twice. Ok/Back buttons works fine.

After reboot arrows/ok/back stop working again and OSD renames back to Kodi. Starting cec-client makes trick again.

I’m ready to bring any logs and so on, just tell me which ones. Using Kore is sux for me.

Btw, I googled for solution, nothing useful, I tried old build, no luck. I tried “another” builds, same story. Pressing volume up/down on Kore client (phone) make AVR change volume, which tells me that board cec works in this way without a problem.


Turns out something in the core processing cec signals without kodi plugin. So I disabled cec plugin in kodi (setting-system-input-peripherals-cec adapter-disable) and it start working flawlessly. Arrows/ok/back …

But, without cec adapter power messages doesn’t work… omg.