Vizio P Series CEC doesn't work (sort of)

Hi there, first of all thanks for you hard work.

I have an odriod c2 board which is works prefectly with samsung tv. Same time vizio p series 2018 year build tv does work as regards of power messages (turn on/turn off).

Arrows and Ok/Back button doesn’t work.

I tried to debug it with cec-client and find out interesting thing. After I didn’t anything with cec-client, OSD string goes from “Kodi” to “OdroidC2” and actually arrows start working, but when I press once it moving twice. Ok/Back buttons works fine.

After reboot arrows/ok/back stop working again and OSD renames back to Kodi. Starting cec-client makes trick again.

I’m ready to bring any logs and so on, just tell me which ones. Using Kore is sux for me.

Btw, I googled for solution, nothing useful, I tried old build, no luck. I tried “another” builds, same story. Pressing volume up/down on Kore client (phone) make AVR change volume, which tells me that board cec works in this way without a problem.

Turns out something in the core processing cec signals without kodi plugin. So I disabled cec plugin in kodi (setting-system-input-peripherals-cec adapter-disable) and it start working flawlessly. Arrows/ok/back …

But, without cec adapter power messages doesn’t work… omg.

Same is happening to me, except turning off CEC plugin on kodi setting didn’t work.
I got a few H96 + S912 which CEC works great on a HISENSE TV but in Vizio P and E Series CEC doesn’t work.

Try to cover Odroid’s C2 IR diode and see, if something change. as CE ships with some preencoded remotes (and you maybe have one), its possible you are using in fact meson IR instead CEC.

The keymap could be altered by /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml, so I think its possible use any of CEC-working remote buttons to correct actions