Vmade S905D 1GB hybrid OTT DVB-T2/S2 support

it will possible support this cheap box ? Coreelec run with gxl_p231_1g_dvb.dtb, but has issue with wifi and dvbt/s tuner.

  • Wifi lost connection
  • DVB tuner (avl6862ta) show in tvheadend but no channel found.

I download DTB file from android and extract to dts. It will possible moddify for CE?
vmade_dtb.zip (210.9 KB)
dmesg (208.9 KB)
thanks for support

Let us know output SSH

udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio*

Very unlikely unless the King of Tuners AFL returns

thanks for reply

P: /devices/d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
L: 0
E: DEVPATH=/devices/d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
E: DRIVER=rtl8189es
E: SDIO_ID=024C:8179
E: MODALIAS=sdio:c07v024Cd8179

any help with this ?

Hello, i have this box. With CoreELEC (kernel 3.14) works great. But CoreELEC-ng and CoreELEC 19.0 dont work. I tried all p231.dtb and the result is only black screen or stuck on amlogic boot logo.
Any ideas what to try? Thanks.