Volume Control, CEC, TV Volume

An annoing Problem… I have 2 Boxes, S905x4, Android 11, CE 20 Nexus Beta1. I have updated both from CE 19.5. On 19.5 i can’t control any Volume settings with the Box. Button pressed and nothing happenend, even with keymapper No success, but the Buttons are recognized.

Now, after Nexus Update, 1 Box can Control the Volume of KODi, thats nice. But the the other won’t…
I have No Idea why…

Generally i would Like to Control the Volume with the Box Remote to Change the TV Volume, and Not the TV Remote.

And i dont Unserstand why the Volume can’t be Controlled by CEC? If i Boot the Box into Android, the Volume Buttons of the Box Remote, Change the TV Volume over CEC…

So can please someone Help me to get a working Volume Control in KODi, either over CEC TV Volume, or KODi Volume?

…sorry for bad english :wink:

Please follow the troubleshooting steps.

Thank you.

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Ok… Strange News.

I installed CE 20b1 in a Clean USB Stick, Booted properly and the KODi Volume Control worked as it should.

Then i Just tried what Happen If i Switch to the SD Card with my config… And it worked too… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The only Thing i See, If the Box was booting, there was a Lot of Code to see on the Splash Screen, and now after Boot from the USB Stick, there is No Code to see anymore.
This Code was to see every time and now its gone and the Volume Control works…

Just Like the other Box…

I think this solved my Problem, but i don’t know why :joy:

Last question: Control the TV Volume via CEC is Not possible, Like in Android?

Thanks for your Help!

No, only vise versa. TV can control the volume.
TV is the CEC master

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Ok, Strange. The Same Box, If Booted in Android, can Control the TV Volume. Including TV OSD for Volume…

No matter, main Problem is solved.


Because in Android IR is used and no CEC?
No logs, no problem

I use Not the original Remote, i use an 2.4ghz
USB Receiver, No IR…

But its ok, now i can use only one Remote for all.
TV Volume is adjusted on a Fix Level and KODi Volume is changed with USB Remote

Please read this first. It’s a long and boring read, however I recommend you read it in order to understand the wiring basics and other possibilities, and then proceed to here.

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